Artist Statement

Eric’s artwork takes what many people see as ordinary and showcases it as extraordinary through the use of light, focus, scale, perspective, composition, form and texture. From a marble to a piece of string, from a reflection in a river to a flower petal, Eric explores ways to expose and illuminate the beauty in commonplace items.

­­In his latest series, UnEarthed, Eric examines the direct connection between what is happening in the larger macro environment, with what is happening on the micro level. The natural world includes our relationship to the planet…everything we have is derived from it: our food, water, life, and social connections. In his UnEarthed Series, rocks and minerals are Eric’s subjects. Each specimen provides new opportunities for exploration and reveals complex, vibrant, and often surprising micro-landscapes. These tiny mineral and rock structures are literally the building blocks for everything around us– they play a major part in how we relate with the world in which we live.

This series invites people to see things differently, to take a minute to travel with him through the realms of nature and explore what’s right in front of us, in a thought-provoking way.

Using a 50MP camera and macro lenses, Eric is able to reach a depth of detail in a tiny piece of nature that is easily overlooked by the human eye. Images can be from a single exposure or a composite of hundreds of photos each focused at a slightly different spot, bringing many layers into focus at the same time. The results are greater clarity in an abstract form, invoking the beauty and magnificence of nature on the smallest and grandest scale.

Artist Bio

Eric Seplowitz (born 1974, Connecticut, US) studied Geology and Philosophy at Union College in Schenectady, NY. His love of the outdoors and the natural world started off young when he was a junior curator at the Stamford Museum and Nature Center and later led him to internships teaching outdoor education in Indiana through Indiana University’s outdoor education center, Bradford Woods, as well as visitor services at Seney National Wildlife Refuge in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Collectively, those experiences helped to create his desire to see the natural world in different ways and how to connect people with what the natural world has to offer.

Eric has been a commercial photographer since 2004, but as of last year, has moved to work exclusively on Fine Art Photography.