Getting off the Highway / by Eric Seplowitz

Freeborn County, MN

Freeborn County, MN

While taking a road trip from Upstate NY to Oregon, my friend and I tried to make it a daily occurrence to get off the highway and explore the local roads in areas that most people would try to cruise right past on their way to national parks and grander vistas.

Many times throughout the 6 day adventure, we met great people and saw amazing views by just getting off the highway. Eating in small towns and talking with people appealed to us a lot more than fast food options right off the highway.

Give it a try on your next trip. This photograph was taken in Freeborn County MN. I just love the openness of the land and the clouds in the sky. By getting off the highway, we also slowed ourselves down and allowed ourselves to relax and really take in the experience of the trip.

When you are cruising down the highway, it is so easy to get in the mode of just trying to get to your next destination as quickly as you can. Taking even a 15 or 20 minutes excursion off of the highway can really change your whole experience and allow you to appreciate some of the beauty all around us.