Artist Statement

I want to challenge the viewer to take a closer look at things we feel we already know and understand.  I utilize tools like magnification, scale and perspective to present a different view of objects, nature, people, or ideologies. Many times we become complacent seeing things from a single perspective. The goal of my work is to provide an alternate view or standpoint encouraging us to analyze our connections with objects, entities, people or ideologies.

For my newest series Micro Landscapes – Small on a Large Scale, I drew from my background in Geology (BS in Geology from Union College). Through the use of macro photography, I bring a closer look at geodes, agates and other rocks and minerals – to not only see them from a new perspective, but to provide a micro landscape in a grand scale enticing the mind to see other worlds within the lines, colors and patterns captured. What importance do these tiny structures have and what is our connection to these tiny building blocks. These are the components making up the larger more visible landscapes.

I take the same approach to social issues, many times taking a look at how we live and what things we may be doing without really understanding or thinking about the possible side effects or collateral consequences. My hope is my art will lead to discussions and new thoughts about how we live our lives and what things we spend our time and energy focusing on and question what we may be overlooking.