What is it that connects us to our surroundings? The things we see most frequently, are not always what we see or understand best. In our busy lives, we walk, ride or drive by so many wonderful things, if we would only take the time to look at things a little more carefully taking the time to change our perspective, angle, magnification, or focus.  I take on this challenge with my photography hoping to bring ordinary objects (both in their natural environment and in the studio) to the viewer and showcase their extraordinary elements, so often overlooked.

I am an upstate New York based artist who challenges us to take a closer look at things we feel we already know and understand.  Utilizing magnification, scale and perspective, I present a different view of objects, nature, people, or ideologies. For my most recent works,I have tapped into my background of Geology, which I studied at Union College. Through the use of macro photography, I bring us a closer look at geodes, agates and other rocks and minerals – to not only see them from a new perspective, but to provide a macro landscapes enticing the mind to see other worlds within the lines, colors and patterns captured.

My desire is for people to not only love the images, but to connect with them in some way that brings meaning to them, even if just to escape a tough day or to pull inspiration from the image.