My old friend Bryan Falvey and I enjoying Badlands National Park. Just one stop along the way of a x-country adventure - 2017



Eric Seplowitz (born 1974, Connecticut, US) studied Geology and Philosophy at Union College in Schenectady, NY. His love of the outdoors and the natural world started off young when he was a junior curator at the Stamford Museum and Nature Center and later led him to internships teaching outdoor education in Indiana through Indiana University’s outdoor education center, Bradford Woods, as well as visitor services at Seney National Wildlife Refuge in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Collectively, those experiences helped to create his desire to see the natural world in different ways and how to connect people with what the natural world has to offer.

Eric’s interest in art and photography also started at a young age with the help of his mother. who studied art history at UConn and received her Masters in Teaching from RISD. Eric still remembers to this day the first time he saw a photograph being developed in the darkroom.

He has taken classes at Silvermine Arts Center and Hudson Valley Community College as well as apprenticed with Carl Heilman II.  

Eric had been a commercial photographer since 2004, but as of last year, has decided to focus exclusively on Fine Art Photography.